Kavos Strip

Known as the party capital of Greece, Kavos has become a popular holiday destination for partygoers looking for a exciting clubbing experience. In Kavos, all of the best bars and nightclubs are located right on the Strip behind Kavos Beach with a variety of themed bars, lounges, clubs and after party venues that you can choose from. Located on one long street means you can walk freely from bar to bar and experience everything this party town has to offer. One thing’s for sure, you can expect wild partiers, cheap drink and amazing nightlife hotspots that will ensure you have an unforgettable holiday abroad!

From early evening, the main Strip starts to get lively with holidaymakers venturing out to explore the restaurants and neon lit bars that Kavos has to offer. With over 80 bars, you are truly spoilt for choice. A must-visit venue in Kavos is JCs with its famous drinks such as the Original Head F!*cker and Haribo Head F!*cker cocktails with too many spirits to mention! With a wild crowd and amazing DJ set, can you complete the Dentist Chair drinking challenge? Located right in the middle of the Strip is everyone’s favourite pre-party venue, Buzz Bar. With cheap drinks, loud music and parties that spill onto the street, this bar is the perfect place to start your night out on the town. Other bars on the Strip worth visiting are Snobs bar for the best of Grime, Hip Hop and R n B, as well as the Rolling Stone bar for your favourite Rock/Indie bands. If you are looking to watch the latest international sporting events and chill out with friends, Scorers may be the place for you or if you are looking for a cocktail and casual night, check out the Barn with its extensive menu and welcoming atmosphere.

Once it hits Midnight and the party is in full swing, the clubs in Kavos begin to open their doors and welcome hundreds of crazy party animals to dance the night away. On the Kavos Strip, you’ll find some of the wildest venues in town. As the only superclub on the island, be sure to check out Future, which is the home to some of the biggest names in music. This lively venue hosts the biggest events of the year, including super paint parties, silent discos and the famous Club Trinity nights, featuring Sigma, example, Wretch 32, Naughty Boy, DJ Fresh and Scott Mills. With recent renovations, you can expect an amazing sound system accompanied by top class DJs on the decks blasting the hottest tunes of the summer. Another popular club on the Kavos Strip is Atlantis, which takes the party beachside. This late night venue creates an energetic ambience with its deep house, R n B and hip hop music and with plenty big events such as the Colours Powder party, Full Moon Party, Foam Party and the Sunrise Sessions, you will have an unforgettable clubbing experience.

With such competition between bars and clubs, watch out for the promotion staff on the Strip. Have a chat with them and you can end up with special offers, free shots, free entry and discounted drinks!

So, whether you are looking to bar crawl and party until the sun comes up or are looking to enjoy a few drinks with friends and chill out in a bar, the Kavos Strip has it all. Why not check out the events that are happening next summer to make your holiday even better? Through Feel Summer, you can make sure you have a ticket to the biggest party in Kavos.

Remember; what happens in Kavos, stays in Kavos!