Kavos has become one of the best resorts in the Mediterranean and is a popular holiday destination with party animals looking for wild nights and the ultimate clubbing experience.

The best time to visit Kavos is between the peak summer months of June and September; this is when holidaymakers flock to the island to enjoy the scorching sunshine and wild nightlife. Most major airports fly regularly to Kavos during the summer and land at Corfu Airport (CFU).

You will need to get from the airport to KAVOS but as a busy tourist airport, there are good provisions for transfers to Kavos. The most reliable and efficient option for most groups will be pre-arranging a shuttle bus to take you into the town, which on average will cost around €15 return. Transfer to Kavos usually takes around 70-75 minutes and shuttle buses are comfortable and acclimatized.

Our Feel Summer team has prepared a quick all you need to know guide on Kavos to make sure you have the low down on its paradise beaches, amazing weather, affordable hotels, lively bars and wild clubs.

Enjoy the read and we hope to see you in KAVOS soon.


Visiting Kavos for the first time? See our list of essential pieces of information to know before arriving in Kavos.


Kavos is located on the Island of Corfu, Greece.


Greek (English in tourist areas)


Euro (€).

Time Zone

GMT – 2 hours (Kavos is 2 hours ahead of the UK)

Kavos Airport

Fly to Corfu International Airport (CFU)

Flight time from UK to Corfu

Approx 3 hours 30 minutes

Airport Transfer Time

Transfer time from the Airport to the resort of Kavos is approx 60- 90 minutes and the cost will be around £70 (Taxi) - £15 (Bus) .

Clubbing Location

Kavos’s epicentre of nightlife is the Kavos Strip. The Strip connects the majority of Bars - Clubs - Hotels.

Temperature in Kavos (Spain)

Average of 28 - 32 degrees Celsius in Summer

Best Time to visit Kavos

June – August

Season Duration

Kavos’s Nightlife and resort is open and operates throughout the summer of June - September