Kavos is not only a popular holiday destination for its famous nightlife, but also because of its amazing weather. Party animals and sun worshippers flock to this Greek island for its scorching hot Mediterranean weather and picturesque tropical vibes.

Kavos is located on Corfu Island just off the coast of Greece, meaning you are guaranteed to have amazing weather and glorious sunshine all day long. With a Mediterranean climate, Kavos boasts long hot summers, which is perfect for holidaymakers looking to develop a great tan and top up their vitamin D levels.

You can expect sizzling temperatures and daily highs of around 30 degrees and in the height of summer it is not unusual for heat waves to crank up the heat to 40 degrees. Thankfully, the cooling sea breezes can provide a bit of relief from the hot sun during the day, especially in July and August. With 12 hours of sunshine a day in peak summer months, you’ll be glad to here that you will hardly see a drop of rain on your holiday; all of your party plans can go ahead undisturbed!

At the beaches, you can sit back and relax under the Mediterranean sun to top up the tan during the day with a slight breeze to keep you refreshed by the coast. The sea temperature in the summer is also pleasant at around 24 degrees, which is perfect for taking a dip or taking part in fun water activities. Even when the sun goes down it is warm enough for short sleeves and dresses, so why not reserve a table and dine al fresco? With low humidity levels in the summer, there is no need to worry about your hair before a big night out.

If you are thinking of visiting Kavos this summer, be sure to pack your summer wardrobe, swimsuit, sunglasses and suntan lotion. Where else is better to get your holiday glow than Kavos?